Job Agent – Future Business in Employment Market

Job Agent – A Future Business in the Employment Market

Think about this scenario: an employer’s HR is dialling the phone number stated on a candidate’s application to schedule an interview for a job opening.

HR: Hello, is this Mr. Z?

Other voice: May I know who is this?

HR: This is HR from X Company. You recently applied for our position, and I’d like to invite you for an interview.

Other voice: Thank you for calling. I am Mr. Z’s job agent. I just checked his calendar, and he is available 1/2/3. Please let me know your availability and interview details, and I will send them over to him.

Wouldn’t it be fascinating if you had a “Job Agent” that functions similarly to your realtor?

All-Around Job Seeking Service

Nowadays, in the employment market, there is only one type of agent. They work between the employer and the job seeker. They contact the hiring companies to find vacancies and then look for suitable candidates to fill the roles.

However, I believe there will soon be another type of agent emerging. They will fully represent the job seeker’s interests. Yes, I am talking about Job Agents. Like the real estate agents who pull the MLS list and schedule visits for their buyer clients, job agents help their job-seeker clients:

  • Select and send a list of suitable job openings
  • Fill out and submit application forms
  • Revise and tailor resumes when necessary
  • Be the contact person and schedule interviews with hiring companies
  • Prepare for interviews
  • Negotiate offers

Represent Job Seekers Only

In the real estate market, there are usually two agents on one deal. They represent buyers and sellers, respectively. But as for the job agent, there will be only one agent working for the job seeker.

What about the employer? You may ask. And the answer is simple – the employer’s HR, or the dedicated in-house recruiter, is the hiring company’s “agents.” They represent the employers’ benefits and coordinate the hiring process. In this way, there will be no need to look for third-party recruiting agencies.

Although not popular yet, Job Agent will be soon become a trending business in the employment market. Let’s wait and see.

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