Free Online Team Building Games for Remote Teams

Free Online Team Building Games for Remote Teams

Working remotely doesn’t mean we don’t have to care about team-building. On the contrary, it makes team bonding even more critical to ensure a cohesive virtual workspace. Some online team-building games may serve this purpose well for remote teams.

There are many ideas out there for virtual team-building activities. Here, I will talk about some free online games that I found and some fantastic options to consider if you don’t have a large budget but would still like to have some fun with your team.

Ice Breaker Questions

This Google Sheet that I created is the easiest one to start with. Unlike other lists online that may have some biased questions, I picked the ones that are fun to answer and can be used on any occasion – employee team-building, online meetups, event entertainment, etc.

Random Trivia Generator (RTG)

Just as the name suggests, it’s a free web app that generates random trivia questions. You can use it for online virtual team-building games and when your group wants to have an in-person trivia night.

Draw and Guess is one of my favorite games, and an online version can still be fun. On, you can create and customize your own private room for free and invite friends over. Another similar option is Drawize.

Guess the Emoji

This is a fun one too. Players guess a word or term based on the displayed emojis. For example, ☀️ + 👓= Sunglasses. The hyperlink I shared is a good resource with answers. A suggested way to play is putting together a PowerPoint with each question per slide, with the answer display animation. Making slides may take some effort, but believe me, your team will love it.

I haven’t tried this one, but it looks like a cool app if you like playing cards. It has lots of game options available – Rummy, Crazy Eights, Go Fish, Mahjong, Chess… you name it. It’s definitely a great site to visit if you have long hours to kill.


If you want to play something lengthy, then this can be a good choice. There are several free Werewolf websites to choose from. In fact, you just need a video chat room to run the game and have the host assign roles through private chats. The only thing is that all players need to understand the rules, which are easy to comprehend.

See Me Escape Rooms

How can we forget about escape rooms? While it is more fun when you play in person as a group, playing online can also be entertaining, as long as you make sure that everyone who’s playing is synchronized. So far, I haven’t found a free online escape room that offers a real-time platform for multi-players, but See Me Escape Rooms is a must-try if your team is full of escape room fans.

You can use all of the options above as team-building games for a remote work team or virtual friends meetup. They are all free and can provide you and your team with a huge amount of fun. Try them out and see which one is your team’s favourite! 😃


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