Chongqing, China 3-Day Travel Guide Itinerary

🇨🇳 Chongqing, China 3-Day Travel Guide – Itinerary 🗺️

Here’s a detailed map of my three-day itinerary. Click on the icons to see the attractions we visited, restaurants we dined at, and other points of interest we discovered along the way:

Day 1

  • Flight to Chongqing
  • Visit Hongyadong (Hongya Cave 洪崖洞)
  • Try the authentic Jiu Gong Ge Hot Pot (Nine-Grids Hot Pot 九宫格火锅) for dinner

After touching down in Chongqing, our first stop was the iconic Hongyadong, also known as Hongya Cave, a sprawling complex of traditional-style buildings perched on the steep slopes by the river.

Come evening, we indulged in the authentic Chongqing hot pot experience at Jiu Gong Ge Hot Pot (Nine-Grids Hot Pot). 🍲 The spicy broth warmed us from within as we sampled an array of meats, vegetables, and dipping sauces.

Day 2

  • Visit Jiefangbei Square (解放碑广场)
  • Lunch at Bayi Road Haochi Street (Bayi Food Street 八一好吃街)
  • Afternoon stroll at 18 Steps (Shibati 十八梯)
  • Take the Yangtze River Cable Car (长江缆车) and the Two Rivers Night Cruise Tour (两江游轮), enjoy the night view of Chongqing skyline from the river

Our day kicked off with a visit to Jiefangbei Square, the heart of Chongqing’s commercial district, where modernity meets tradition in the form of towering skyscrapers and historic monuments.

For lunch, we ventured to Bayi Road Haochi Street, a well-known food & snacks street where we sampled local delicacies amid the vibrant street scenes.

In the afternoon, we took a leisurely stroll through the historic Shibati, also known as 18 Steps, where ancient alleyways led us on a journey through time.

As night fell, we embarked on a mesmerizing journey aboard the Yangtze River Cable Car, followed by a enchanting Two Rivers Night Cruise Tour, offering breathtaking views of Chongqing’s illuminated skyline.

Day 3

  • Visit Ciqikou Ancient Town (磁器口古镇)
  • Visit E’ling Park (鹅岭公园) and TESTBED 2 (鹅岭二厂)
  • Check out the Through-Building Monorail Train at Liziba Station (李子坝单轨穿楼), get on the Crown Grand Escalator (皇冠大扶梯) to experience the second longest escalator in Asia.

Our final day in Chongqing began with a step back in time at Ciqikou Ancient Town. Cobbled streets lined with traditional tea houses and artisanal shops transported us to another era.

Next, we explored the scenic E’ling Park and the innovative TESTBED 2, immersing ourselves in Chongqing’s rich cultural heritage.

Our adventure concluded with a ride on the Through-Building Monorail Train at Liziba Station, followed by a thrilling ascent on the Crown Grand Escalator – a fitting end to our Chongqing exploration.

Chongqing truly exceeded my expectations with its blend of modernity and traditional charm. It’s a city that keeps you on your toes, offering an unforgettable taste of China’s rich culture and vibrant energy. Whether you’re exploring ancient alleys or soaring above the cityscape, Chongqing promises an adventure at every turn. Start planning your own 3-day escape to this captivating city!

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