4-Day Solo Travel in Marrakesh Morocco Travel Tips

🇲🇦 4-Day Solo Travel in Marrakesh, Morocco – Things to Know Before Planning

After solo exploring North America, Asia, Europe, and South America, I felt drawn to the allure of Africa, especially Morocco, with its blend of sacred traditions, mysterious allure, and cunning charm. Therefore, I chose Marrakech to set my foot on the land of Africa. 🗺️

Of course, adequate preparation is key to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable travel experience, especially when you’ll be traveling solo. Here are some insights and tips gathered from my trip.

☀️ Weather

Marrakesh welcomed me with overall pleasant weather during my visit in May, with daytime temperatures averaging around 32-33°C and dropping to 18-19°C in the evening. Although it seemed pretty hot, the dry environment made the heat bearable. However, beware of the intense sun if you find yourself wandering without shade. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen!

💱 Currency

The Moroccan Dirham (MAD) serves as the local currency, different from the UAE Dirham, and offers pretty good value. 1 Moroccan Dirham (DH) is roughly equal to 10 Euros (EUR).

While Dirham is the primary currency, Euros are widely accepted in Marrakesh. Consider converting some Euros before your departure and then exchanging Dirham in the city for better rates than those offered at the airport. Hotel Ali at Jemaa el-Fna offers particularly favorable exchange rates, though other currency exchange spots throughout the city are also reasonable.

🐫 Get Around

In Morocco, Uber isn’t an option, but taxis are plentiful. Though bargaining skills are a must, aiming for at least half the quoted price. You can also request the driver turn the meter on.

For reference, I paid around $45 DH for a taxi from Medina to the airport, though most drivers may settle for around 50 DH. A trip from Medina to Jardin Majorelle can be between 20-30 DH, which is just $2-3 Euros.

🎪 Stay

Immerse yourself in Moroccan culture by staying in a Riad, a traditional Moroccan B&B centered around a courtyard or garden. They are like a peaceful retreat from the bustling streets of Marrakech, and offer an authentic Moroccan experience that reflects the city’s rich heritage. They come in all shapes and sizes, catering to every traveler’s needs and budget, from cozy budget-friendly options to lavish luxury retreats. Staying in a Riad offers a unique opportunity to connect with local culture, as many Riads are family-run, allowing guests to experience genuine Moroccan hospitality firsthand.

The riad I stayed at was Riad Dar Aid. This little charming riad sits in a prime location, which is just a 5-minute walk from the Saadian Tombs, within easy reach (13-15 minutes on foot) of the El Badi Palace and Bahia Palace. Jemaa el-Fnaa and Koutoubia Mosque are also just 18-minute walk away. My room was spacious and comfortable. They offer complimentary breakfast and laundry services. The staff, including the hotel manager who’s part of the family running the Riad, were incredibly friendly and attentive.

🛜 Network

There are three popular telecom providers in Morocco: Inwi, Maroc Telecom, and Orange. Upon arrival at Marrakech airport, you can obtain a free SIM card from booths located near outside the luggage collection area, right by the airport exit. Both Maroc Telecom and Inwi are recommended. Personally, I got a free Inwi card at the airport and then purchased 2G of data for just 20 DH in the city.

💡 Other Things to Know

  • Respect local customs by wearing long pants or maxi dresses, especially outside of the summer months. This not only honors the culture but also protects against unwanted attention, especially if you are on a solo trip in Morocco.
  • Pack a lightweight hoodie to prepare for temperature swings.
  • Stay hydrated. Get bottled water and don’t drinking directly from the tap.
  • Stay alerted for tourist traps and be prepared to negotiate prices, aiming for around half of the initial offer.
  • The locals are genuinely friendly and hospitable. While their friendliness may sometimes seem overwhelming, simply reciprocate with a polite smile and keep your guard on.

🎒 Items to Pack

📄 Documents

  • Passport
  • Printed tickets
  • Offline Google Maps
  • Offline itinerary & tickets

📱 Electronics

  • Charger converter
  • Laptop, AirPods, AirTag
  • Laptop charger
  • iPhone charger
  • Airplane headset

👕 Clothes

  • Long breathable pants / maxi dress
  • T-shirts and summer tops for hot days
  • Lightweight hoodie
  • Sneakers

🌂 Others

  • Sunscreen ‼️
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Medicine

In addition, check out my blogs about the the full itinerary & expense breakdown and the recommended local eats & buys to make the most of your Marrakech discovery. 🏜️

Download Your Travel Planner Template

To make your trip planning even easier, I’ve created a comprehensive Notion travel planner template for Marrakesh. This planner includes travel tips, flight schedule templates, packing lists, transportation tips, must-see attractions, recommended eats, an expense tracker, and an embedded Google Map Itinerary with all the essential pins.

Get Your Planner Here: 🏜️ Marrakech, Morocco 4-Day Travel Itinerary Planner


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  2. […] check out my other blogs about the pre-travel tips & advice and recommended local eats and buys to make the most of your Marrakech adventure. […]


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